Dust, Fume, and Mist Collection

Dust Collection

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Proven solutions and technologies of today are engineered to ensure your facility creates, and maintains a clean, safe work environment. Selecting and implementing the proper dust collection solution is critical to achieving cleaner air. Need a dust collector? Not sure how your dust collector works? Give us a call, we can help.

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Fume Collection

Fume collection

Weld fume extraction and ventilation systems are offered as portable units, central ducted, or ambient air. Remove hexavalent chromium, manganese and other harmful fumes and gases from your worker’s breathing zone.

Mist Collection / Mist Elimination

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Coolants and oils used in wet machining pose a hazard to any metal working process, causing slippery floors, ceilings, and unpleasant work environment. We provide numerous solutions from on-tool equipment to centrally ducted filtration systems.

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Combustible Metal Collection

Wet Dust Collectors/Scrubbers clean air by mixing water and air at high speeds, effectively knocking out both the dust, and the combustibility. We offer numerous methods of collecting your combustible metals with wet collection. Call us today and let us work on a solutions for your process.