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Torit PowerCore Dust Collectors

Torit PowerCore dust collector

Torit® PowerCore® dust collectors are smaller and smarter than traditional baghouse or cartridge dust collection units.

Torit PowerCore filter packs provide efficient fume and dust filtration, at a lower operational cost, with a smaller footprint, and easier maintenance. PowerCore particulate collectors are 50-70% smaller than other industrial dust collection systems, while still handling large volumes of airflow.

Some distinct advantages of Torit PowerCore dust collectors:

  • Uses less filters than baghouses or cartridge dust collectors.
  • Reduced footprint, takes up less room in the manufacturing plant.
  • Costs less to transport to your facility.
  • Lower ongoing operational costs.
  • Easy to maintain and change air filters.

There are two main series of PowerCore dust collectors: the CP series, and the TG series. Each dust collector model is tailored for specific industrial applications.

Torit® PowerCore® CP Dust Collectors

Donaldson Torit CPC-12 and CPV-4 Dust Collectors

The CP series are small, powerful dust collection systems. This product line can handle high airflows, hard-to-filter particulate, all with a small footprint.

Torit® PowerCore® CP series dust collectors are built to save space, fitting into lean manufacturing floor plans.

These space-saving dust collectors are available as stand-alone models that can be ducted to different applications.

Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® CPC Dust Collectors

Torit PowerCore CPC

The Torit PowerCore CPC is a powerful, compact dust collection solution that doesn’t sacrifice performance. A stand-alone CPC Series dust collector is 50% smaller than a traditional baghouse.

With Torit PowerCore, you can save floor space, install at point of use, eliminate duct work and replace a large central dust collector.

The Torit PowerCore CPC stand-alone dust collectors are available in a range of airflow volumes from 700 to 33,000 CFM.

Torit PowerCore CPC stand-alone dust collectors, available in a range of airflows from 700 to 33,000 CFM (1,189 to 56,067 m3/h).

Donaldson Torit® PowerCore® CPV Bin Vent Collector

PowerCore CPV Dust Collector

A Torit PowerCore CPV bin vent collector is up to 70% smaller than other bag bin systems.

Donaldson Torit CPV bin vent collectors are almost 70% shorter than other bag-style bin vents. When you are faced with space limitations, the Torit CPV series is an ideal choice.

These bin vents can be installed at point-of-use on silos, conveyor transfer points, conveyor discharges, blenders and mixers.

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Torit® PowerCore® TG Dust Collectors

PowerCore TG Dust Collector

Donaldson’s Torit PowerCore TG series is built to filter and collect thermally generated particulate.

The TG series are useful in manufacturing plants that feature welding, metal fabrication, plasma cutting, laser cutting, and thermal spray applications.

65% Smaller Footprint Than Most Cartridge Collectors

Donaldson Torit PowerCore TG systems are smaller than traditional cartridge dust and fume collection systems. The PowerCore TG can handle airflow up to 10,000 CFM. The dirty airflow moves downward, reducing redeposition of the dust particulate onto the filter packs.

PowerCore Filter Packs Are Easy to Change

One efficient aspect of the PowerCore TG is each air filter pack replaces three cartridge filters. The PowerCore filter packs have easy-to-grip handles. Also, you will not need tools to change filters.

The filter media is made from flame retardant Ultra-Web®, a proprietary ultra-fine fiber, rated MERV 13. The Ultra-Web fibers trap even the smallest dust and fume particles on the surface of the fluted filter media.

Replacing the filters on the PowerCore TG is a job that one person can do. The filter packs are lightweight, remaining under the 50 pound OSHA lift limit, even at the end of their life cycle.

As an added bonus, PowerCore filter packs have 78% fewer emissions than traditional polyester filter bags.

Maximizing Pulse Cleaning Efficiency

The TG dust and fume collectors use the ZERO-Turn Power Pulse Cleaning System. The PowerCore TG are designed to work specifically with the PowerCore® TG filter packs and Ultra-Web® filter media.

Here’s how it works.

First, particulate is captured on the surface of the filter media. Next, during the cleaning cycle, pulse energy moves in a straight line down the filter media. The collected dust pulses easily out of the fluted channels in the filters for collection.

The PowerCore TG filter packs allow for easier recovery from pressure drop spikes during pulse cleaning cycles. Additionally, PowerCore filters have a longer life span in comparison to cartridge filters.

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