Industrial Fans and Blowers

Industrial Fans & Blowers

Industrial Air Filtration can help you select the right industrial fans and air blowers for your facility. Our team has extensive knowledge of industrial fans and blowers, including:

  • Centrifugal fans and centrifugal air blowers.
  • Tube axial fans.
  • Exhaust fans.
  • Inline ducting fans.
  • Fans supporting fume extraction.

Strategic Partners and Industrial Fan Suppliers

AirPro Fan & Blower Company is one of our trusted partners for industrial centrifugal fans and blowers.

Centrifugal Air Blowers vs Axial Fans

There are two main types of heavy-duty fans used in manufacturing facilities: centrifugal fans (or centrifugal air blowers) and axial fans.

Centrifugal Fans

Centrifugal fanGIF by EagleX, License CC BY 3.0, Orig. media

Centrifugal fans take air from an inlet, then add velocity using kinetic force, and expel the air at a 90° angle from the original intake direction.

The air usually enters through the side, and is accelerated by a series of impellers encased in a circular housing.

After the air moves through the fan wheel, and is radially turned 90 degrees, it exits the fan housing through an outlet.

Centrifugal fans are used extensively in industrial applications. At a constant fan speed, they move a consistent volume of air under diverse conditions. The air speed is relatively fixed, even if the air mass is not.

To their advantage, centrifugal fans are usually simpler in construction and cheaper to manufacture than axial fans.

Axial Fans

Axial fan

An axial fan blows air in a direction parallel to the axis of the fan’s drive shaft.

A common example of an axial fan is a box fan. Air comes in through the back of the fan, and is propelled through the front of the fan housing.

Some other examples of axial fans are the cooling fans in computer towers, ceiling fans, or table fans.

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